Though education was not my original field of work, having earned my B.A. in Business and Economics as an undergraduate and spending my first few years after graduation working my way up to branch manager for a major bank, I have made it an integral part of my life since returning to Japan in 2009. In the five years that I have been back here, having studied here for the better part of one year during my junior year of college, I have focused mostly on English education in the public sector while occasionally taking on private students as well. I have worked all over the Kantō region, for both the best and the worst of dispatch companies. Now, as I pursue a master’s degree in education, I find myself teaching at one of the country’s top secondary schools.

This is not to say that I am any sort of expert. I have my own set of unique experiences that shapes my beliefs about education, but those beliefs are also ever-changing, just like my understanding of the field in which I work and the practices that most benefit my students. In fact, I started this blog as part of a required component of a master’s level course on technology in education so you can see actual documentation of my tackling an area of which my knowledge is limited and sporadic. That being said, the first 7 weeks of this blog are my reflections on assigned articles pertaining to technology in education. I will provide APA formatted references to the articles in question whenever possible so that you, my readers, can freely discuss them with me and, hopefully, provide me with some insight or ideas that I hadn’t previously thought of.

Following the first 7 weeks of this blog (my very first, by the way), I hope to continue to use it as a place for discussing other issues related to English education in Japan. I’ve already invested heavily in this blog because, once I’m invested, I’m generally in it for the long haul. For now, let’s see how things go. I hope that you’ll all enjoy this journey with me together.

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